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The tools you need to easily grow your business online including publishing ads across our across a vast online classifieds network.

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Free Stock Management

Upload stock, handle enquiries & broadcast to over 250,000 boat buyers each month - all on one simple platform.

Easy Website Builder

There are just 3 steps between you and your new website. A platform where your business can thrive.

Simple Stock Promotion

With just 1 upload, your listing is visible on your website, promoted on marketplace sites and accessible as an external feed.

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A platform to help your business thrive!

There are just 3 simple steps between you and your new website. A platform that’ll keep your customers coming back, again and again. Whether you have a website that needs an upgrade or you don’t have one at all, this easy tool will help you to build your own site in just 5 minutes.
How does it work?
  • 1
    Set up the web address
    Choose a unique website name and select to use your own domain or one of our free URLs.
  • 2
    Choose your style
    Choose which template you’d like to use to create a ready made, professional website.
  • 3
    Personalise the design
    Choose a color scheme to personalise your site.
Your site is live in minutes
Save time you could spend selling – simply complete the 3 steps above and your site will be ready to use straight away. No delays.
Be found by new customers

Your website is search engine optimised so it displays high in Google search results. This means customers can find you easily and early in their search.

Your site works on all devices

We’ll ensure your site is responsive so that it’s easy to browse on desktop, mobile and tablet, enabling all users to access your site with ease.

Multiple themes to choose from

Choose from a variety of free themes to find the one perfect for your business. Or upgrade to one of our premium themes for a monthly subscription.

Safe and secure

We’ll ensure your site is protected with SSL. This allows information to be safely sent over the Internet and ensures Google recognises the site as safe.

Easily editable at any time

If you want a change, simply log into your boatpromoter account where you can change the template, edit the navigation, add new pages & more.

Keep your customers in the loop

Our website builder also offers you the ability to post news and blogs to your site to give your customers another reason to keep coming back.

Increase your brand trust

Upload testimonials and reviews to your site to assist sales and give people even more reason to buy. There’s no better tool to make sales!

Free stock management tool

This tool helps you keep stock organised, edit/upload new items, monitor enquiries and broadcast your business on multiple platforms. Your stock feeds through to your site, giving you your own virtual storefront. 

Upload, edit, manage and broadcast all of your stock, in one place

Using our new free platform, you can stay on top of your admin and reach a monthly audience of over 250,000 boat buyers, all from one central location.
Manage your inventory
Staying organised means more time to spend selling! Our stock management tool means that you can hold all of your boats in one central online location. Upload, edit and manage your online stock to ensure your inventory is up to date and your adverts are working effectively to make the best sales.
Broadcast your adverts

Once your stock is uploaded, you can then choose to broadcast it to Boatshop24 or utilise one of our many external feeds. This will ensure your ads are reaching a large audience and saves you the hassle of uploading adverts to lots of different sites. Just one upload and your stock can be seen across the web.

Respond to enquiries

It’s so important when making sales to respond to enquiries quickly. We’re making managing your leads even easier by combining all the messages you get across the different sites in one central messenger. This makes it simple to talk to your potential customers, agree a price and make a sale.

Track your success

The key to being a successful dealer is closely monitoring your success and staying up to date with how your business is performing. Access performance data on your management dashboard to track your progress in terms of messages, phone calls and advert views. This will help you to learn more about what it takes to succeed.

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Here you can see some examples of the Promoter tool to get a feel for how our site works!

This page is your dashboard. It will give you an overview of your business and the stock you have listed, showing your advert performance, your current inventory and the stock you are broadcasting.

Welcome to your inventory. Here you can see all the stock you currently have listed. Use the Broadcast function to promote your adverts across the web: on Boatshop24 and external feeds.

This is your Website Builder. Here you can set up your own platform in 3 easy steps, personalise it and upload new content. 

Here you can see the themes that are available to you as part of our Website Builder tool. Click on Live Demo in order to see the theme and understand how it works!
PromoterShop 1
Live demo
Live demo
Live demo
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